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As a citizen, may I be fingerprinted by the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office?

Yes. Citizens may be fingerprinted at the Detention Center on Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  It is not necessary to make an appointment, however, fingerprints are done by the booking center at their convenience. You must provide the fingerprint card, or cards, and a picture I.D. 

Can the Sheriff's Office perform criminal or background checks for me?

The Sheriff’s Office can only perform criminal or background checks for law enforcement purposes.  Civilians in need of criminal or background checks must go through the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.  The Sheriff’s Office has forms which may be filled out and sent to the ABI, or you may visit the following web address to download the form: This site has information regarding fees charged and contact information for additional questions you may have.

How do I find out if warrants are outstanding on myself or someone else?

You may check the warrant database on this site, or you may call (256) 845-8560.  

How do I obtain a copy of my report? Is there a fee?

The person filing an Incident Report (the victim) is the only person who may obtain a copy of the report. Incident Report copies may be obtained at the Sheriff’s Office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on state holidays. The victim must present photo identification. There is no fee to obtain a copy of your report.  

How do I obtain a protection order?

Protection Orders are issued by the Circuit Clerks’ Office.  You must have first made an Incident/Offense report with a Sheriff’s Deputy.  Take your report to the Clerk’s Office to request the issuance of a protection order.

How do I obtain a warrant?

Warrants are issued by the Circuit Clerks’ Office.  You must have first made an Incident/Offense report with a Sheriff’s Deputy, then take that report to the Clerk’s Office to request the issuance of a warrant.

How do I report a crime to the Sheriff's Office?

If the crime is "in progress," call 9-1-1. If the crime has already occurred and no immediate emergency exists, call (256) 845-3801 to request a Deputy come to your location and make an Incident Report. You may also come to the Sheriff’s Office to make a report, however, you should call prior to coming to ensure that an officer will be available at the time you arrive.

If I am having a person evicted from property I own or manage, are there any special requirements of me?

All evictions are civil matters which must be begun with your attorney or with the Clerk’s Office.  Contact the DeKalb County Circuit Clerk’s Office at (256) 845-8525 to determine what you should do to begin a process of eviction.

If I live in a state other than Alabama and want the Sheriff's Office to serve Civil Process papers on a resident of DeKalb County, is there a charge?

Yes. There is a $25.00 fee per Civil Process paper. This fee should be sent with each Civil Process paper along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for "Return of Service. 

Is the home address of the person to be served a Civil Process paper sufficient?

If you have an alternate place of service (work address, for example), it will be helpful and most expedient for you to include this information on the Civil Process paper to be served in addition to the home address.

Is there a fee for obtaining an Alabama state pistol permit?

Yes. For persons between the ages of 21 – 61, there is a $15.00 fee in DeKalb County.  For persons aged 62 years and older, the fee is $1.00. The person obtaining the permit may choose to get it for a period of 1 or 5 years. The fee is the multiplied by the number of years.


           Ages 21-61                Ages 62 and older

1 year $15.00
5 years $75.00
1 year $1.00
5 years $5.00
May I bring money to persons who are in jail?

Persons in jail are not allowed to have money in their possession. Money Orders may be left for an inmate in a “Drop Box” just outside the Detention Center doors or mailed in. The money orders are collected Monday through Friday by the Jail Administrative Assistant Tracie Hamilton and added to their account.  All money orders must have the inmate’s name, inmate number and the name and return address of the depositor. You may also come to the DeKalb County Detention Center and in the lobby you will find a VendEngine Kiosk machine in which you may put money in for inmates. The Kiosk machine does charge a convenience fee. Money can also be added to the inmate's account online via the website or by phone at 1-855-836-3364. 

What are the types of bonds available for a person to use to be released from the DeKalb County Jail?

A person may be released on his/her own recognizance, through a private bonding company, by the posting of a Property Bond or by posting a Cash Bond.  However, each individual’s bond varies according to the nature of the offense charged, and you should contact the Detention Center to find out the exact type of bond required for a certain individual.  

What are the visiting hours for persons who are in jail?

You must make an appointment to visit someone in jail.  Visiting days are Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm. You can make an appointment by going to or by coming to Sheriff's Office and using the Kiosk in the lobby. Inmates can only have 3 visitors at a time and are limited to 30 minutes per inmate.

What should I do if I suspect someone is involved in selling or trafficking in drugs?

You may report your suspicions to the Sheriff’s Office by calling (256) 845-3801, or by contacting the Drug Task Force at (256) 845-7866.  You do not have to give your name when reporting your suspicions. 

Where do I apply for an Alabama state pistol permit?

If you live in DeKalb County, you should apply at the Sheriff's Office, at 2801 Jordan Road SW in Fort Payne or you can use the link found on our website under pistol permits.