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Kid's Corner

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office has done Eddie the Eagle for several years now for Pre-Kindergarten through the third grade. Eddie the Eagle is a gun safety for the students to learn not to touch guns. Whether or not a particular family owns firearms, chances are, someone like neighbors and relatives do, making it more likely that children will encounter a firearm at some point. Children are exposed to guns through cartoons, television shows and movies. They're curious about firearms, and may have developed inaccurate perceptions of what a firearm is and does. Eddie Eagle teaches them not to play with firearms with a simple, memorable four-part plan:

If you see a gun: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.

It is important for children to understand that only with a parent or with parental permission and adult supervision should a child be around firearms.

For coloring books and material to teach kids not to touch guns, go to