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Are You Okay?® is a free service for the seniors of DeKalb County offered by the Sheriff’s Office. Seniors and physically challenged citizens who live alone and wish to remain independent may be placed on our call list to receive a check-up at their convenience.

Each day at a pre-arranged time, the system automatically makes a computerized monitoring call, at no charge to the subscriber and without interruption to normal community services.

The system consists of a computer, telephone, printer, and the Are You Okay?® software. The computer stores subscriber name, numbers, and call times. The system is designed to run 24/7 and automatically cycles every day at midnight. The program automatically calls each person in the system at their pre-determined time. When Are You Okay?® hears a voice response on the phone, it delivers a short pre-recorded message.  System operators monitor responses through the computer’s speakers. At the end of each calling day, a log of calls is automatically printed out.  If the subscriber doesn’t answer after a preset number of call attempts, an alert in given visually on the computer’s monitor and audibly on the speakers. A printout containing emergency information on the subscriber, including doctor’s name and number, as well as emergency contact name and number, is generated.

If you or a loved one is interested in being placed on our Are You Okay?® program please print out the enrollment form below and bring to the Sheriff’s Office or contact Communications Director Matt Martin at or 256-845-3801.