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Promotions Made at Sheriff’s Office



For Immediate Release                                                                                  March 23, 2015  


Promotions Made at Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:


                Sheriff Jimmy Harris announces some promotions made at the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Stanley Hollingsworth has been promoted to Assistant Chief Deputy. Hollingsworth started out working for Sheriff Bill Ables in January 1975 as a night shift dispatcher. Hollingsworth went to Jacksonville Police Academy in the 27th Session and graduated in June of 1977. He worked for Sheriff Ables until the end of his term in January of 1979. He also worked for Sheriff Harold Richards as a Deputy Sheriff until October 1979 when he took a job in Chattanooga, TN as an armed Security Officer at Wheland Foundry. Wheland Foundry employed around 1200 employees at the time and they had a 12 man security force. After several years on this job, he was assigned as Shift Leader over Day Shift Security Officers. In 1995, Hollingsworth was sent to Quantico, Virginia for one week of Firearms Instructor Course through the National Rifle Association. He was responsible for making sure everyone was up to date on their firearms certification. In 1998, Hollingsworth was promoted to Supervisor over all of the Security Officers. He was responsible for scheduling, days off, making sure all shifts were covered, and also worked closely with Upper Management at Wheland Foundry.

            In January 2000, Hollingsworth was hired back by the DeKalb County Sheriff Office to implement Courthouse Security at the DeKalb County Courthouse. He was in charge of courthouse security during this time and answered to Sheriff Cecil Reed and all the Judges at the courthouse. In 2007, Hollingsworth was promoted by Sheriff Jimmy Harris to the position of Lieutenant of patrol Division. His responsibilities included being responsible for all the day shift Deputies. In 2009, Hollingsworth was promoted to Captain of the Patrol Division with the responsibilities of being over all the uniformed patrol division, working closely with Sheriff Jimmy Harris and Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson. He also worked closely with all the Investigators and assisted them whenever they needed the patrol division to help them.


            Another promotion was Investigator Josh York was promoted to Chief Investigator. York was born in DeKalb County in 1977 and attended school at Plainview where he graduated in 1996. His father Joel York was Assistant Chief at Rainsville Police Department till he retired in 2004. York had two uncles Doyle and Danny York who also worked in Law Enforcement. Doyle worked for Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. York started his career at Scottsboro City Police Department in 2001 where he worked till he was hired by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office in 2006. When he first started at the Sheriff’s Office he was a School Resource Officer for the DeKalb County School System. He then transferred to 2nd shift as a road Deputy where he was later promoted by Sheriff Jimmy Harris to Sergeant and then later gained rank of Lieutenant. York also was a K-9 deputy with his K-9 Jager. In 2011 York was promoted to investigation where he works both criminal and narcotic related crimes.

Sheriff and Stanley Promotion Press Release.JPGSheriff Jimmy Harris and Stanley Hollingsworth  Sheriff and Josh Promotion Press Release.JPG Sheriff Jimmy Harris and Josh York