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National Motto In God We Trust



For Immediate Release                                     September 29, 2015


                              National Motto In God We Trust



Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:



            Sheriff Jimmy Harris states “I received an email from Bobby Timmons the President of the Sheriff’s Association yesterday stating that ‘Freedom from Religion Foundation wants “In God We Trust” removed from everything. They acknowledge 22,500 of their members representing only 0.007056% of the population of this country and 200 of their members representing only 0.004125% of the population of Alabama. This percentage does not speak high enough to denounce the majority voters of this country or of Alabama.

            ‘ About the same percentages in America and Alabama do not like guns, but officers of law enforcement cannot leave their guns at home and perform the position of public safety just to satisfy the few that do not like guns.

            ‘The current public political office holder was elected to that position by the majority votes and voters expect the office holder to perform as was stated in the campaign.

            ‘Majority wins, not Minority’ says President Bobby Timmons.

            “I am in total agreement with President Bobby Timmons on this matter. I have also enclosed some background legal information on the history of “In God We Trust”. Why would we want to take “In God We Trust” out of everything, it has everything to do with American history, tradition and our culture.”