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The Summit



For Immediate Release                                                                               August 17, 2016

              The Summit


Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:


“We are excited and humbled by the donation of The Summit for the ministry to women who are released from the DeKalb County Jail and women who are in or come from an abusive situations. The Summit is a 16,000 square foot home on 96 acres with 2 other homes on the property. This is a great opportunity for the women of our county to be in a Christian based environment and a safe haven until they can get their lives back on track.”

The Executive Committee of the DeKalb Baptist Association has unanimously approved to bring a new ministry to DeKalb County. This ministry is designed for the women that are released from jail in DeKalb County, that have nowhere to live and so they don’t end up back in a destructive environment.

            When The Summit was placed on the market for sale, the idea of this property being used for this ministry to women came in to play. This video presentation that you can see here was created, Sheriff Jimmy Harris talks about the great need for a home like this in our area and several testimonies from women that have been in this situation. The video and a written presentation was given to the realtor to be given to the owners of the property. Several weeks later two godly men from Atlanta representing the owners (the Cathy family and the late Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A) meet with three representatives from the DeKalb Baptist Association to hear the proposal. After the presentation the men from Atlanta excused themselves so they could talk it over. When they returned with tears in their eyes they said “we are going to give you this property.”

            The Summit will be a sanctuary of God to minister to these women and to help them get back on the right track in life.

            Sheriff Harris says “I want to thank God first because without him this would not have been possible and I would also like to thank the women from the DeKalb County jail ministry for their prayer, hard work and determination to make this possible.”  

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