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Burglary and Drug Arrest



For Immediate Release                                                                               February 2, 2017

Burglary and Drug Arrest


Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:


            Update on the April 27, 2016 burglary at Fuel City gas station in Powell. As of that date the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Investigators started an investigation with processing the scene, taking DNA samples, and with no suspect at that time. The items that contained the DNA were sent to Alabama Department of Forensics Science in Huntsville where the DNA profile was searched against the DNA in the National DNA Index system. The evidence was matched with a profile and came back to a Patsy Goins Dodd, 53 of Pisgah. Dodd was arrested on January 31st with charges of Burglary 3rd.

            Sheriff Harris says “with all felons booked into the DeKalb County Detention Center a DNA sample is taken and sent to the Department of Forensics Science in Hoover, where they store the DNA into a National Data base. The DNA is checked with Alabama and other states to see if they match any person that has committed any felony crime, such as murder, rape or robbery. The Investigators did a great job on gathering evidence from the scene and they have worked hard to find a suspect on this case. It took a while for the DNA to come back but it was worth the wait for us to make this arrest.”


            On February 1st the K-9 Handler Deputy Akins made a traffic stop for a traffic violation on County Road 58 in the New Harmony area. The driver of the vehicle seemed to be under the influence, when asked to if anything was in the vehicle they stated that there was not. When the K-9 Marianna did an open air search around the vehicle, she indicated that there was drugs in the vehicle. The DeKalb County Drug and Major Crimes Unit was called to the scene. During the search of the vehicle a glass meth pipe, two containers with a white crystal substance in them, which both field tested positive for methamphetamine, some illegal prescription drugs, and a Glock pistol. As a result James Russell McMurry, 55 of Athens, and Grant Martin Taylor, 43 of Albertville was arrested and both charged with three counts of Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

            Sheriff Harris says “Deputy Akins and K-9 Marianna did exactly what they are trained to do and did a great job on getting these drugs and men off the street.” 

 Patsy Goins Dodd.jpg

Patsy Goins Dodd

James Russell McMurry.jpg

 James Russell McMurry


Grant Martin Taylor.jpg Grant Martin Taylor