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Juvenile Found with Drugs at Collinsville School



For Immediate Release                                                                                     March 15, 2017

Juvenile Found with Drugs at Collinsville School


Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:


On today’s date a teacher at Collinsville High School smelled a strong smell on two of the students as they walked into her class room. The assistant Principal, Principal and the SRO was alerted of the situation. The students were called to the Principals office for questioning. During questioning it came to their attentions that another student had drove one of them to school. That student was called to the office for questioning and was asked by the Principal if they could search his car. The student said no to the search, at which time K-9 Marianna and handler Deputy Akins was called to the school. When K-9 Marianna conducted an open air search around the vehicle, she alerted immediately on the vehicle.

As a result of the search an unsmoked marijuana cigarette, a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, an empty bottle of Scotch whisky, rolling papers, some lose marijuana and an unloaded pellet/BB pistol that resembled a real pistol was found. The parents were called and the juveniles were released to their parents pending a hearing with the Juvenile Probation Office. The DeKalb County Superintendent is aware of this situation.

Sheriff Harris says “The teacher did an outstanding job on noticing the smell and alerting the assistant principal, principal and SRO. Also this is another case where our K-9’s are so important in our fight against drugs.”