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Warrant Round-up and County Saturation



For Immediate Release                                                                                June 1, 2017



Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:


            On May 31st the DeKalb County Drug and Major Crimes Unit, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Crossville Police Department, Rainsville Police Department, Fort Payne Police Department, Geraldine Police Department, and Collinsville Police Department came together around 8:00pm to serve various warrants on individuals throughout the County. It was a concerted effort between all of these agencies. They were divided into three different teams, North DeKalb, South DeKalb and Lookout Mountain/Fort Payne.

            All of these agencies worked throughout the night till about 4:00am this morning arresting individuals on these various warrants ranging from misdemeanor to felony Distribution of Controlled Substance, with some of these individuals being arrested on new charges. Among all these warrants one stolen vehicle that was reported stolen was recovered.

            The individuals arrested are as follows:            

                        Robert Dale Bellew, 43 of Moody

                        Tristan Kendall Blake, 19 of Rainsville

                        William Floyd Burt II, 35 of Fort Payne

                        Anthony Nathaniel Buse, 70 of Fyffe

                        Billy Wayne Carter, 61 of Fort Payne

                        Jerid Wade Carter, 26 of Rainsville

                        Brandi Diane Farmer, 37 of Fyffe

                        Derick Nash Farmer, 20 Fyffe

                        Kevin Lee Farmer, 44 of Fyffe

                        Robert Joseph Hairell, 19 of Rainsville

                        Cynthia Kitchens, 51 of Mentone

                        Emily Edwards Love, 39 of Rainsville

                        Francisco Jaspar Mateo, 27 of Crossville

                        Jason Wayne Mayes, 37 of Asbury

                        William James McElrath, 41 of Fort Payne

                        Jason Cary Morris, 40 of Fyffe

                        Joe Michael Morris, 33 of Boaz

                        Dennis Murphy, 53 of Fort Payne

                        Crystal Brooke Peek, 37 of Fort Payne

                        Lewis Franklin Ramsey, 40 of Mentone

                        Kortez Denzel Sanford, 21 of Hollywood

                        Lisa Faye Stout, 53 of Rising Fawn

                        Joe Patrick Veal, 42 of Rainsville

                        Stanley Wooten, 52 of Fort Payne


             Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson says “this just goes show when all of the different agencies come together what good can be done in the County. I would like to thank all of these agencies for all of the hard work and for their support that they give us. Not only did we have the support of the agencies but we also had the help and support of the Chief of Geraldine Police Department Sedmon Allen and the Chief of Rainsville Police Department Kevin Smith.”


Anthony Nathaniel Buse.jpg

 Anthony Nathaniel Buse

Brandi Diane Farmer.jpg

 Brandi Diane Farmer

Crystal Brooke Peek.jpg

 Crystal Brooke Peek

Dennis L Murphy.jpg 

Dennis L Murphy

 Emily Edwards Love.jpg

Emily Edwards Love

 Billy Wayne Carter.jpg

Billy Wayne Carter

 Cynthia Mack Kitchens.jpg

Cynthia Mack Kitchens

 Derick Nash Farmer.jpg

Derick Nash Farmer

 Franciso Jaspar Mateo.jpg

Franciso Jaspar Mateo

 Jason Cary Morris.jpg

Jason Cary Morris

 Jerid Wade Carter.jpg

Jerid Wade Carter

 Joe Patrick Veal.jpg

Joe Patrick Veal

 Kortez Denzel Sanford.jpg

Kortez Denzel Sanford

 Jason Wayne Mays.jpg

Jason Wayne Mays

 Joe Michael Morris.jpg

Joe Michael Morris

 Kevin Lee Farmer.jpg

Kevin Lee Farmer

 Lewis Franklin Ramsey.jpg

Lewis Franklin Ramsey


 Lisa Faye Stout.jpg

Lisa Faye Stout


 Robert Dale Bellew Jr..jpg

Robert Dale Bellew Jr


 Robert Joseph Hairell.jpg

Robert Joseph Hairell


 Stanley Wooten.jpg

Stanley Wooten

 William Floyd Burt II.jpg

William Floyd Burt II

 Tristan Kendall Blake.jpg

Tristan Kendall Blake

 William James McElrath.jpg

William James McElrath