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Goodale Allegations



For Immediate Release                                                                                   January 8, 2014  


Goodale Allegations


Sheriff Jimmy Harris states as follows:


                John William Goodale, 39, was arrested December 31, 2013 after fleeing from an Alabama State Trooper who attempted to stop him for a traffic offense. Goodale led officers on a chase for several miles before leaving his vehicle and running into the woods. During this foot pursuit, Goodale and two officers fell into a small ravine. Goodale sustained a cut to his head and complained of rib injuries. The two officers also sustained minor injuries from the fall, but still took Goodale into custody. Goodale was transported to Dekalb Regional Medical Center for treatment and booked into the Dekalb County Detention Center on numerous charges. Since being incarcerated, at no time has Goodale requested further medical treatment or shown any signs of serious injury. Goodale was checked by medical personnel in the jail after his family complained of his alleged condition. He had no medical problems at that time. Alabama State Trooper supervisors did a use of force investigation at the scene and found no evidence of wrong doing. While getting treatment at Dekalb Regional, Goodale made allegations of two officers beating him at the scene. Since that time he has identified two different officers in his allegations.

                 Sheriff Harris states “John Goodale was arrested after driving up the wrong side of the interstate for 7 miles. Goodale was driving a pickup borrowed from a convicted sex offender that is being returned to the offender at his request. Our officers did everything possible to prevent him from killing someone. He was found in possession of several guns, some of which were stolen in burglaries. He had trafficking weight crystal meth and chemicals to make more. These officers did not beat Goodale. He has been treated well in our jail in spite of his actions. We don’t mistreat people. It is a miracle Goodale didn’t kill himself or several others.”