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Scam going around targeting the elderly

FORT PAYNE, Ala. - We have had a lot of calls lately about scams targeting the elderly.  What the scammers do is send a message thru Facebook, Facebook messenger or e-mail, but it will appear to be from one of your friends.  The friends accounts have been hacked and the victim's receive messages that they have won money but have to pay the taxes on the winning amount.  We have multiple victim's send payment for alleged taxes to fraudulent overseas accounts.  Please talk to your family members and make them aware that this is a scam and any taxes owed would be paid directly to the I.R.S.

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said of the incident: "An honest organization will not call, text or e-mail asking for any kind of personal information.  If you get an e-mail or a text asking you to click on a link and you think it is legit, please call that company (from a phone number you look up, not one they provide to you) BEFORE you clink on anything."

"Please talk to your loved ones and encourage them to never give out any kind of personal information unless they know exactly who they are talking with."

"God Bless!" Concluded Sheriff Welden.